(Video) Putin: U.S. Won’t Share Intel On Syria Even Though FSA Does, WTH??


Most people probably missed this over the weekend due to the Paris attacks but we can’t let the MSM direct our attention completely.  There’s so many serious things happening in our world and now we have this.

Putin says the U.S. continues to ignore repeated requests to share it’s intelligence on ISIS in Syria.  And this makes no sense to Americans who want to see ISIS destroyed.  To complicate the issue more is the fact that Putin now says the Free Syrian Army, Obama’s favorite team, has begun helping Russia with information on ISIS.

So, Washington says that Russia is intentionally bombing the FSA, other moderate opposition groups and civilians in Syria which is why Washington doesn’t want to cooperate, but the FSA is now helping Russia locate ISIS??  Russia also says they are hopeful that the other moderate opposition groups in Syria will begin sharing their intel too.

Is it any surprise to find ourselves asking if we should trust our government or Russia?

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