(Video) Putin Has Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces On Highest Alert?! Preparing For Another False Flag In Syria?!


As Americans are watching the chaos surrounding the next GOP debate on Fox News, the world may have just gotten one day closer to WWIII.  It’s being reported that Putin is putting Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) troops, and their mobile atomic missile systems, on their highest alert after he received intelligence reports from the Levant war zone overnight.

Putin is said to be concerned that the Obama regime is preparing for a false flag chemical weapons strike in Syria to justify the U.S. becoming more involved and putting more boots on the ground.  These intelligence reports are said to document America’s elite chemical weapons troops, and possibly the chemicals weapons, landing overnight at the Rmeilan airfield in northeastern Syria, near the borders of Turkey and Iraq.  Which is highly possible since U.S. Special Forces took the air base just a few days ago.

These reports may or may not be true, but one thing is certain, dramatic and critical events normally take place when the American media is focused on something else.

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These videos, and their information, are from September 2013 after another suspected false flag, chemical weapons attack in Syria.


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