Video…Putin Puts Obama To Shame AGAIN With What He’s Doing To Islamic Terrorists!!!


In the wake of the recent attack on Paris, just about everyone has expressed their support for France in whatever they need, but not Barack Obama. Although Obama has yet to offer any sympathies to the suffering nation, Russian president Vladimir Putin just did something that is putting our nation’s leader to shame yet again.

Although many people have expressed dissatisfaction in the way Obama is handling Islamic terrorists these days, it seems he’s steadfast and willing to throw a temper tantrum to prove it. Unfortunately, and I say this as a man who is extremely patriotic and holds his nation above the rest, it seems that if you want to see a real leader, you’re going to have to look elsewhere today.


Proving that point is how Putin expressed they would be dealing with Muslim extremists. For those unaware, Mad World News earlier reported on a Russian plane that was purportedly shot down in Egypt resulting in 224 lives lost. As it turns out, terrorists planted a bomb in the plane before claiming responsibility.

As a real leader would do, Putin set out to destroy those who did it, and he is hitting them harder than ever. However, he’s recently been quoted saying something that is putting Obama to shame, as it leaves something for the American people to long for when it comes to the treatment of those that seek to do us harm.

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In a tweet released by Ms. Remi Maalouf, a news anchor with television channel Russia Today, Putin explained:

“To forgive them is up to God, but to send them to him is up to me.”

Oddly enough, that tweet has since been removed, but with good reason. Despite the fact that many are still reporting that these were the words Putin used, that isn’t exactly the case on account of a bad translation. According to Maalouf in a following tweet, “This is the danger of social media! I took Putin’s quote from a post on Facebook & it turned out to be false. I apologize.”


However, comments under that response yielded not only what Putin said, but the context of what he was speaking on as well. As it turns out, the Russian president made the remarks back in 1999 with Twitter user Anton saying, “Nope, but it is brutal also, he says ‘we will soak them in the toilet, pardon my language.’”

Although the clip is actually old, it still shows exactly how Putin feels about terrorists and his most recent efforts in the Middle East prove those sentiments are still held today by the man. Unfortunately, that can’t be said of Obama.

You see, Obama would rather hold hands with these barbarians, explain the problems they present to the world, perhaps apologize for our Western arrogance, and make full and complete reparations. The fundamental flaw in this argument is that they don’t want to talk.

Muslims have been trying since the 7th century to implement Sharia law, rid this planet of the infidel, and raise worldwide Islamic Caliphate, effectively dominating the world, as instructed in their “holy” book. Ignoring history and Islamic ideology, Obama wishes to act as a human meat shield between common sense thinkers and violent Muslims.


You can’t simply ignore the fact that extremists and so-called “moderate” Muslims learn from the same holy book. Heck, they even argue that their religion conflicts itself with Allah and Muhammad offering contradicting directions for those who follow it.

It is a religion of death, it is a religion of barbarism, and it needs to be treated as such. You see, the thing Obama doesn’t understand is that these people are never going to stop. They’re never going to quit trying to kill people and take over the world all in the name of their “god.” You can’t sympathize with these people, and you sure as hell aren’t going to change their minds.

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With a disease riddled mind like that, there is only one option – speed up the meeting they’re set to have with God and let Him judge them.

by Robert Rich