(Video) Punk Who Attacks Woman Learns A Lesson About Respect!!


This guy’s your typical punk who thinks nothing of attacking a woman on the subway.  I’m not sure what started this argument, and  while she does seem to be taunting him, he did have the opportunity to walk away.  Since he didn’t, she ended up teaching him a lesson his mother should have.

The sad part, is that you see a video like this posted to YouTube almost every day now. It seems young men no longer respect young women, and so many young women no longer respect themselves, or likewise, young men, it’s all just insane. Ever feel like you miss the good old days?

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  • Rob Adams

    She needs to get her butt whipped by him. She was egging him to hit her just so she could do that.

    • Mark Wester

      She told him to sit down and go to school…. He should have listened….I suppose you must be used to the taste of Pepper spray, right?

      • Erica

        ikr ?

    • Rosemary Louise Heinemann

      Self control he needs to learn it.

    • Steven

      She did egg him on, but he is responsible for his own actions.

    • Erica

      Well, apparently YOUR mother never taught you to respect a woman. YOU need your butt whipped by a woman, to learn what respect truly is. Now sit down and stfu. ;)

  • youdontknowmedoyou

    Yoda says, “self control he must learn. Yelling leads to threats, threats leads to pepper spray, pepper spray leads to spices, spices lead to barbeque your ass. Anyone hungry? Yoda is?

  • Leon Taylor

    I wonder how many times they say whats up in a day?