(Video) Protester/Cops Gun It Out In Ferguson! New Race War To Erupt Annually?


Seems the thugs of Ferguson saw the one year anniversary of the killing of common street trash, Michael Brown, by the heroic law enforcement officer, Darren Wilson, who had to put Brown down like the vicious animal he was, when Brown, shortly after robbing a convenient store, began pummeling the officer, who was only half his size, while he sat inside his police cruiser, as nothing more than an opportunity to take more shots at law enforcement officers. Later, an entire neighborhood of low income, low class sots would report to authorities that they saw Wilson shoot Brown as he sat on his knees with his hands up, begging for his life. Evidence would CLEARLY and UNDOUBTEDLY show that all of the witnesses were lying, yet to date, no perjury charges have been brought against any of them.

On the one year anniversary, yet another common street thug saw it as an opportunity to take pop shots at police officers. Is this to be expected each year now? On the date of the anniversary?

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