(Video) Please, Just Keep Them In The Middle East And We Don’t Mean The “Refugees”!!


As our attention was being directed to the Syrian “refugee” crisis by the MSM, another crisis (this one most likely sent by God) has been hitting Egypt and Israel.  What, you didn’t hear about it?  Not a big surprise when the elites control the MSM and world news.

The ChristianPress.com is reporting a plague of locust, the worst since 1959, began in Egypt and has moved into Israel.  The massive swarm is estimated to have about 30 million of these crop eating insects.  Both Egypt and Israel are fighting the pestilence with pesticides, some delivered by crop dusters, although the locust are continuing to attack the crops.  An average swarm of these winged destroyers can consume several tons of food within 24 hours, reducing fields by 50-75%.  This not only has a devastating economic impact for these countries, it also makes it difficult to feed their people.  And according to the Christianpress.com article:

The Jerusalem Prayer Team has called for urgent prayer that God will deliver His Chosen People. “He gives us this promise in Scripture, Founder and President Dr. Mike Evans said. “I ask that you join me in urgent prayer that God will avert this crisis, just as He did for Moses when the locusts did not affect the Israelites and their crops.”

Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled throughout the world this month and it’s doubtful coincidence is the cause when we are now at the fourth blood moon.

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