(Video) Our Worst Fears Have Been Confirmed, Italy Found This And Tried To Hide It!!


Mehdi Ben Nasr was arrested and convicted in 2008 in northern Italy.  He was sentenced to seven years in prison and extradited to Tunisia after the conviction.  Mehdi is a convicted terrorist with links to ISIS and Al Qaeda and was caught trying to enter into Europe as an asylum seeker using an assumed name and fake papers. He arrived on the Italian island, Lampedusa, last month on a refugee boat from Libya.

Regarding the 2008 arrest:  “Upon his arrest…police said they had seized poisons, remote explosive detonators and manuals on guerrilla warfare. He was captured then along with 13 Algerians and Tunisians across Europe as part of an anti-terrorism operation led by Italian authorities. Medhi’s seven-year sentence, based largely on 25 wiretaps, was confirmed by the Reggio Emilia appeal court in 2011,” the Independent reports.

“German channel n-tv claims the Italian government initially tried to hide the story to avoid ‘panic’ and ‘scare tactics.’ The news did not emerge until several days after Mehdi had been detained last week,” Breitbart reports

Italy has deported the terrorist back to Tunisia and handed him over to their authorities.

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