(Video) Oregon Shooting A Hoax! “Hero” Busted!

shooting hero busted

So what’s going on? Is it another gun grab false Flag?


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  • Kam

    So are in implying that this was a total HOAX and fake killings just for the governments amusement, and propaganda?????This is rather confusing, and disturbing…. More information will come out eventually, and I find it really hard to believe this was a hoax. His family and himself might be smiling because their happy
    he is alive and well! Also, who ever was photoing him and interviewing him might have asked him to smile..If he really is in the military and it was a hoax this would be shameful to all those that do protect and serve!!!! sheesh.

    • Eric D. Doster

      Its not a hoax.. doesnt mean the government didnt know.. they could have known and let it happen to further thier fight to get our guns and whatever laws they are trying to pass to oppress us.. whats a little bloodshed to them if it helps thier agendas.. they don’t care about any of us.. i did notice the hospital pic.. a person that has been shot that many times.. wouldn’t he be more pale from loss of blood? I don’t know and does it really matter? My answer is a NO.. people die for nothing and more horribly every minute of every day all around the world.. sad but it true.. we just move on..