(Video) One Woman Versus Armed Thugs, They Didn’t Expect This!!


These two armed thugs first try carjacking a red mini van at a gas station but when that driver locks them out, they run around the pumps to another car, a red convertible.  They obviously didn’t think the woman who owned the car could move as fast as she did, and they also didn’t see what she had in the backseat of the convertible.

The video shows the woman, a mother, running to the driver’s door, pulling it open, then dragging the thug out.  Police say she had her two children in the car and fought the thugs off so her kids weren’t taken in the carjacking.

A police officer saw the speeding get-a-way car and began following it, then watched it crash into a fence.  The thugs and their female accomplice were arrested.

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