(Video) Obama Wants Mooch Paid What She’s Worth??!!


Unbelievable!  In another racist speech, Obama rants about the lack of equality for black women in America.  In typical Obama fashion, he raves and rambles, hitting all the key words and phrases that rile those with the victim mentality.  And, in what seems to have become a mission for the Obamas, wants Mooch to be paid!

I doubt an “equal” paycheck for Moochele would ever be big enough to buy the Obamas some class.

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  • booth1860

    If you think that the Clinton foundation got a lot of illegal overseas money, wait a little while till the people discover what the Obamas illegal foreign money that is hidden overseas totals!

  • al

    Trash is trash and it somehow seems to always pile up where it isn’t wanted..

  • Thomas-Bonnie Sherman

    Send her a plg!