Video…Obama: Stay Out Of Roseburg, Oregon! Special Report


President Obama is not welcome in Roseburg, Oregon. The folks in Roseburg know what a true responsible gun owner legitimately endures and are well aware of the fact that almost 319 million red blooded Americans, born to the great constitutional catechism have been bound and gagged due to Gun Free killing zones proliferating across these United States of America.

Pro Gun rights Sheriff John Hanlin is catching heavy fire from desperate Brady campaign President Dan Gross. Gross is calling for Hanlin’s dismissal after revelations surfaced that Hanlin Posted 9/11 and Sandy Hook Videos.

For all intents and purposes Gross has revealed the true scope of the smoldering liberal arrogance boiling over into ill fated yet interesting times.
88.8 percent of Americans own guns. These law-abiding citizens need only review the recent gun grabbing policies of Australia and Canada to grasp the con President Obama is quarterbacking as The United Nation’s poises to bypass our sovereignty and constitution with its Arms Trade Treaty that entered into force on December 24, 2014.
The result. A globalist puppet President that pushes gun control before mass shooting victim’s bodies are even cold or identified. No Obama you can’t have our guns, Americans are locked and loaded as we should be, as a result of witnessing the daily violent erosion of communities like Chicago fall into total bedlam due to the current administration’s policies. A real threat to our rights as human beings to defend ourselves if need be and not be duped into repeating recent history marred by gun grabbing totalitarians. No President Obama, you are not welcome in Roseburg,Oregon.


by The Alex Jones Channel

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