Video…Obama Has Just Gotten the Worst News of His Presidency!!! Its About Time!!!


What a mess. Is it any shock that a New Poll Shows 1/3 of Americans Support Military Coup of Obama Administration?  This president has gone so far off the rails with blatantly ignoring the law, most Americans have lost all perspective of just HOW insane this administration has gotten.

In the video above, Judge Napolitano explains why John Boehner’s attempt to sue President Obama seemed futile when the issue first came up a year ago. Courts have historically refused to get involved in what are officially known as “Political Questions.” For a federal court to hear a case, there must be issue that in which an actual remedy exists. That gets to the heart of having “Standing” to bring a lawsuit. Judge Napolitano explains the concept of standing in the first video.Under certain circumstances, the courts will refuse to hear a case or issue an opinion. In particular, a federal court will not rule on a matter in controversy if it is a POLITICAL QUESTION meaning: The matter is inherently not one the judiciary can decide. The President’s conduct in many cases falls under this category. 

In the second video above, you’ll see what the mainstream “news media” has refused to cover over the last week, and that is a potential deadly blow to Obama’s Frankenstein of a Bill known as Obamacare. 


  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    To try to impeach b.o. at this time is a waste of time as his team of crony lawyers will just tie up all the proceedings, allowing b.o. to remain in office and continue his destruction of America.

    Congress needs to authorize the sergeant-at-arms to arrest b.o. and remove him from the White House on charges of treason and fraud and put him in jail. Upon conviction and placement in a federal prison, then he can be impeached and all of his appointments, policies, executive memos and orders can be rendered null and void.

    A military coup would work also.

    I also think that since he has threatened all the sheriffs across the country with their public safety grants if they do not follow his immigration plans, they should ban together along with the police chiefs from every city and put together a million man + possee and go to Washington, DC and arrest b.o. on charges of treason and fraud.

    I feel like the secret service would lay down their weapons and turn their backs on b.o. and allow him to be arrested and removed from the White House.

    Action needs to be taken ASAP, if not may God help us all.