Video…How Sick Is Obama??? His “Bone-Thin” Appearance Renews Poor Health Rumors…POTUS Is Sick!!!

“Bone-Thin” Obama Appearance Renews Poor Health Rumors…


He continues to battle a nicotine addiction and has spent a small fortune keeping his records private – including his medical history. Though viewed as the picture of health in 2008, Barack Obama appeared more gaunt the following year and since then weight fluctuations became more numerous and more dramatic as a chameleon-like cycle of a man who shows up looking drastically different than he did just weeks prior. Rumors of heavy makeup for public appearances to mask “skin discoloration issues” have persisted for a number of years, as has the ongoing speculation of what was the true nature of a lingering cough and alleged throat issues in 2014 and 2015 that required some measure of medical intervention.

Now comes Mr. Obama’s appearance at a California fundraiser this week that had whispers of a president looking “bone-thin” to the point of frailty. His clothes hung off of him, his thin, wrinkled neck appeared to wobble from within sunken shoulders, and the eyes glazed over from seeming exhaustion – or something else. He smiled from time to time, and clearly enjoyed the applause, but various sources have indicated the president, “…didn’t look well.”

Here is a photo taken of Barack Obama this weekend.

Judge for yourself:



As a point of reference, here is a photo of Mr. Obama taken just nine months earlier:

President Barack Obama

And another photo from January, 2013:

The man in the first photo appears some twenty years older than the image taken above less than two years prior.

Then add this local news report today out of San Diego:

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President Obama is scheduled to spend Saturday and Sunday in San Diego, but the reason for the visit remains a bit of a mystery. 

…There are no planned public appearances while he is in San Diego.

Could the president’s shockingly poor physical appearance have anything to do with a secretive and apparently by himself two-day stopover in San Diego? It certainly has people wondering, though if the established pattern again repeats itself, we should see President Obama looking far healthier and more vigorous within the next week or two as his remarkable powers of transformation continue.

Look at Obama’s watery eyes and chalky-coloured pale skin, like a white mask, making him look like a vampire during his CBS “60 Minutes” interview with Steve Kroft.

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  • Phere

    I honestly don’t care how it happens, where it happens, but the sooner it happens the better off our country will be! RIH!

  • Chris Hamilton

    When you sign your soul over to the devil your ride is shortened…

    • micki

      He is the devil!!!

  • grin-n-barrett

    Maybe we will get lucky?

  • AIDS most likely! That is what you get for being a perverted Homosexual! Certainly will not break my heart, or even give it a twinge, if Obama has a fatal disease! No Mercy for this Enemy! I just want to live to read his obituary and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, maybe a little dancing in the street too! Gay, Muslim, yep, no loss to anyone!

  • Tina Butler

    I just think his ears are growing instead of his nose – causing his face to look more gaunt.

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    Just think about it. Biden has been waiting a long time.

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    MAybe he has aids, one can only hope its fatal.

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    He can’t be treating American people like he is and still coming up smelling like a rose. That just isn’t going to work. He is sleeping and having sex with a man and that is all wrong. He will have to answer for himself one day and of course that will be a lie. When he turned his life over to the devil he isn’t getting very far. His life will be short.

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    See, boo effing hop…