Video…NASA Doctored Moon Photos Hide The Truth – Here’s Proof We Are Not Alone!!!


This movie clearly exposes the structures, buildings and UFO’s on the moon. Nasa has been lying for decades about what is on the moon. This is the greatest coverup in human history!

The first photos were released from the Hubble Space Telescope beginning in 1999. All of them are in black and white and as such they show nothing. See what happens when they are colorized. Look at all the areas that have been blurred out. 

Why are such low grade optics used for these photos when much better adaptive optics are available?

Why do the majority of moon photos have a false horizon?

Were the Moon and Apollo missions a hoax to cover up extra-terrestrial life? Is the Moon Hollow as it rings like a bell when struck, even by the ascent stage of a Lunar Module.

NASA continually releases tiny little bits of ‘truth’ so that people can fill in the gaps leading slowly but surely to complete disclosure of what they already know.

It seems the Moon may be teaming with life!!



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