(Video) Mike Huckabee Just Made This Truth Shattering Statement About The Refugees Coming To America!


House Speaker Paul Ryan is under pressure and Mike Huckabee is currently applying it.  Huckabee released a statement saying Ryan needs to oppose the Syrian refugees or step down and he didn’t stop there.  Obama’s idiotic policy regarding the “refugees” was also called out.

Huckabee ridiculed “Obama’s wimpish and amateurish response” to the Islamic terrorism that devastated France’s capital last week, writing that the reaction “reveals we have a Cub Scout for Commander in Chief instead of someone who is capable of defending America and unleashing something more than a strongly worded letter through the UN.”

He went on to contrast America’s weak reaction with the firm and immediate stance taken by the French government.  “It’s embarrassing,” he continued, “when a left-wing socialist French President shows strength and determination to eradicate animals who are slaughtering innocent civilians while our President lectures us on the moral necessity to open our borders to tens of thousands of un-vetted people from the Middle East

While France has closed its borders, Huckabee asserted that “all President Obama wants to do is close Gitmo.”

He ended with a direct plea to Ryan, asking him to “make it clear that if the President won’t stand to protect America from wholesale open borders, then Republicans will.”


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  • Progressive Republican

    So the 6700 or so operations against ISIS/Daesch in the last fifteen months don’t count? How does that work?