(Video) Man Walking His Dogs In Chicago Park Unexpectedly Encounters A Spooky Ancestor


A man out walking his dogs on a cold, January day came across something that would have most people taking off in the opposite direction.  He immediately leashed his dogs, which had been running free, when he spotted the potential threat.  The dogs have obviously had some training because they obeyed him extremely well, considering the distraction.

They were in Columbus Park in Chicago, IL and he had taken his camera, hoping to record some wildlife.  He considers himself lucky to have been filming his dogs at the time this creature appeared so he was able to record the spooky, but beautiful encounter.  The noisy highway to the rear is the Eisenhower Expressway and in the distance you can see the blue line CTA train run through.

A coyote singing out in the open, during the day, next to an extremely busy expressway in a major city is something you just don’t see everyday.  This is a great video.

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