(Video) Listening To This Obnoxious, Loud-Mouthed Liberal, Will Make You Want To Kick Her Prius!!


Just seeing a Prius driving down the road is enough to raise my blood pressure.  They’re always driving under the speed limit, clogging traffic.  And you know the person driving it is a liberal who thinks they’re more intelligent and morally-superior than the rest of us.  And sure enough, you finally get ready to pass them and there’s the co-exist bumper sticker (it’s a standard option from the factory) right next to their new “Feel the Bern” sticker.

Well, this poor guy is sitting in his truck with his kids and this obnoxious, liberal woman gets out of her Prius to tell him what he should and shouldn’t be driving.  The guy keeps his cool although his wife is not gonna let her get away with it!

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