(Video) Labor Rate For This Segment Of Workers Sets A Record High And Should Enrage Every American!!


Bad news all around for Americans who are unemployed or under-employed, labor statistics came out today and the numbers aren’t very good.  The unemployment rate is said to be 5% for October (we know the first number is never accurate and it’ll be raised by the end of next week) and the participation rate (people employed or looking for work) is at 62.4%, a 38 year low.

But there’s actually one segment of our population that is doing quite well with employment, foreign-born workers.  People born in another country and working in the U.S., legally and illegally, have an unemployment rate of 4.4%.  This means the number of foreign-born workers employed in the U.S. has set an all time high record at 25,120,000 and the number of foreign-born workers has increased by 3,745,000 since Obama took office in 2009.

Funny how that “works” isn’t it?

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