Video…Jade Helm Update: 800 FEMA Detention Camps Discovered in USA!!! Be Prepared!!!


Jade Helm 2016: 800 FEMA Detention Camps Discovered in USA – This is Serious Christians and Patriots. THE BIOCHIP is IMPLANTED on OBAMACARE PATIENTS. Ministers and pastors are deceiving the flock . They work for the government and are going to try and make you go peacefully into the FEMA DEATH CAMPS, after Obama causes another false flag event. WAKE UP AMERICA – Obama has sold you out.

by (Before It’s News)


  • Russell W Clark Jr

    AUSTRALIA better get ready for the refugees of n.america & e.u , same with Israel get ready !

  • Ed Leicht

    As long as Americans have guns, this shit will never happen!…and they WONT take them away from us…the only part they will get will be the lead from the business end.

  • patriot carpenter

    If you listen real close you can here the Patriots and Christians getting out they can openers.