Video…Jade Helm Goes Live And Then Domestic Terrorist Problem Arise!!! Coincidence?


I’m so upset!! The minute Jade Helm goes live, BANG “domestic terrorism” happens in Chattanooga, Tennessee where four military personnel were shot by some brainwashed muslim gunman! I have a feeling they are going to beef this story up like never before! Why? Because I know the goal is to get rid of political dissidents, guns, and to target patriots—those who oppose their bidding.


According to the Rightwing Extremism Document they’ve already done it. All they  need are events to play out in order to pacify the public to their ponzi scheme, and now with the Chattanooga shooting, they’ve got a wide open door.


I urge you with everything in me to watch the video below in its entirety! In it I reveal a possible way this could play out considering the Jade Helm Drills, as well report the truth to why this is being broadcast for all eyes and ears. Here is the breaking report… 

Below is live coverage of what is happening in Chattanooga: 



By Lisa Haven

(Before It’s News)

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  • SmokingNun1

    There were many stories coming out vilifying “conspiracy theorists” for
    “spreading fear” about Jade Helm. In their defense, as I have
    stated~they were right~ there is an agenda but here’s the rub…that was
    exactly the plan. Obama and his fellow Marxists, use human nature
    against people that is how they are so successful. Part of Jade Helm was
    a PSYOP~ Obama knew that by having the media reporting on the largest
    military drill encompassing 7 states and the media was banned from these drills, conspiracy theorists/conservatives/patriots
    would be in overdrive (as they should be with this criminal
    administration because everything they do has an agenda) so they would
    be watching to see how citizens reacted. The people vilifying the CT’s
    played into their hand as well. There are even people saying that CT’s reporting that the “military is coming to confiscate guns” is dishonoring
    our troops. Now what do we have? Four military personnel shot dead by a
    “domestic terrorist”, not an Islamic Terrorist but a “domestic
    terrorist”. The last few months we have all been hearing about domestic
    terrorism and the newly revised Military Manuel under this
    administration includes conspiracy theorists/conservatives/patriots in
    that list. Since the guy is dead they can spin the narrative anyway they
    want. That is how subversive and evil Marxists are and how they are
    using our own human/American nature against us. They don’t take over a
    Country overnight they do it in increments patiently and stealthfully so
    by the time all the people wake up it’s too late. They have been doing this under our noses for 65+ years. Keep watching , reading and learning all you can. Use your judgement, intelligence and common sense and stay vigilant and above all else, pray for discernment and invite Jesus Christ into your life NOW and not let fear and uncertainty consume you for the times are getting darker. If you give into fear, then they win.

    • Debbie Adams

      Amen…. your absolutely correct. Make it not about the government, make it about the people. We can’t trust the people….

    • Debbie Adams

      I hope you don’t mind but I posted your comment on my facebook.…. I honestly did not read that very last part where you said invite Jesus Christ into your heart before I posted your comment, but after I posted it, I read it again and smiled because I believe that God has a way of telling Christians the signs….. I have never once liked anything about OBAMA.. He scared me by the way people responded to him at Inauguration. I feel so deeply about this that it scares me for our Country….

      • SmokingNun1

        No, I don’t mind at all~in fact thanks! Sometimes I feel like people think I’m crazy for seeing/feeling these things but I know I’m not crazy. There are people posting pics of tin foil hats now like it’s a big joke. I feel sorry for them cause when the SHTF, these people are not going to know what hit them. Jade Helm by itself may seem like a big deal so I kinda understand where they are coming from, but taken in context with everything else going on it adds up and becomes clearer. I saw the blood moon on June 30th and thought it odd since I didn’t think the next one was until September…then they okay’d gay marriage and the horrific lightening and storms in Washington D.C.! More and more of Obama’s evil agenda is coming to light on the Conservative/Biblical sites and it’s so scary people don’t see. Jesus told his apostles not to worry/ be scared of such things for they have to happen so I put my trust in Him but I still try to warn people so they can do the same.

  • SmokingNun1

    Great Information on Jade Helm on Oathkeepers website. LOADS of info here on secret military operations- documents etc. Of course, they want conspiracy theorists delegitimized. Yes, the government uses media to lie to people and does false flag attacks, and psyops.