(Video) Is Hillary Prepping For An Insanity Plea?? (Insert Creepy Cackle Here)


Could this possibly be the way Hillary avoids prison?  She really doesn’t have too many options, she’s committed so many serious crimes that a conviction on just a few would put her in prison for the rest of her life.

Jake Tapper is attempting to conduct a serious interview about what should be a most serious topic for Hillary Clinton, the investigation into the scandal that will likely end her bid to be the first woman president and which could simultaneously land her in a federal prison on espionage convictions.

He references the comments of Bernie Sanders during the Democrat debates, the suspiciously contrived appearing assertion that he believes we’ve heard enough about her email crimes. That reference wasn’t made in a joking manner but Clinton gets a big kick out of it, to the point of being uncomfortably creepy.

She cackles away as if she’s on some kind of medication or suffering from a mental condition. Could she be attempting to lay the groundwork for her insanity defense? Liberalism is a mental illness but it is not recognized as sufficiently debilitating to be used as a defense in court.

She might be trying to pretend that espionage is no big deal, a minor issue that is being overblown. The FBI investigation seems real and sincere, and Obama’s already backtracked from inserting himself into the investigation on her behalf. He’s acted before to correct the police, federal agencies, the military and law enforcement for “acting stupidly” many times. He’s done the Bowe Bergdahl thing, the Lois Lerner thing, the John Koskinen thing, the Eric Holder thing, the Gina McCarthy thing and in many other areas the Hillary Clinton thing. Just how much illegal activity can one fake president be asked to cover up? How many smidgens can he proclaim simply don’t exist in his corrupt administration?

Maybe she knows something that gives her reassurance that nothing bad will happen to her. Perhaps she’s got the goods on Obama too. Still, that doesn’t make her or her laugh any less disturbing. This is one sick, creepy woman.

Source:  Rick Wells, Truthburgers.com

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