(Video) If You’re Behind On Car Payments, Do Not Do This!!


We’ve all been through tough financial times, but some car owners in Florida are making their problems worse with another bad decision.  Orange County, FL is seeing a rash of vehicle repossessions where the towing company is getting more than a car in the repossession; they’re finding infants that have been left in the cars.

According to mynews13.com, the latest incident involves Donielle Rivers, who was driving his girlfriend’s Range Rover with a 10 month old baby in the backseat.  The tow truck had been following him, and during his several stops that day, where he had left the car running and unlocked, hadn’t seen him take the baby out of the car.  When Rivers stopped and went into his house, the tow truck driver towed the car and found the baby asleep in the back seat after taking it to Diamond Auto Sales.  The workers called 911 and Rivers, who had seen the car being towed, followed it to the car lot.  Rivers had suspensions on his license, and the Sheriff’s Department called the Department of Children and Families who then filed paperwork with the State’s Attorney’s Office for possible child abuse charges.

This incident follows another a few months ago, per kshb.com, where a mother left her 9 month old baby in the car while she went inside a daycare to pick up her other children.  The car was immediately towed, so when she came out, the car and baby were gone.  The daycare went on lock-down and 911 was called.  Police tracked the car and the baby was found inside.

These people need to be thankful it was only towing companies taking their children.

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