Video.. Hybrid Alien or Goblin? What Is This Strange Creature?

An alien humanoid has been found and photographed in Jodhpur, India. This took place in Jodhpur’s Bawadi village in Rajasthan, where the locals were digging a tube well looking for water. They were shocked when they found this human-like alien.


The creature looks human, but a little reptilian as well, with four fingers on each hand, but no thumbs.

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(Before It’s News)


  • Dennis Gobule

    It looks like Obama’s son !!

  • Brandon Maynard

    Looks like a skinned bat

  • CoolTeeO1

    It is a sad looking thing what ever it is , why can’t DNA be done on it to find out what it is or isn’t ?

  • Carrie Singer

    It’s called anencephaly, and it’s a neural-tube defect, the upper brain never developed. It can easily be diagnosed with ultrasound.

  • Abhinav Kalkotwar AK

    nyc edit (y)

  • Curtis Dennison

    Looks like a small skinned monkey.

  • Sherry Emery LaSota

    That is a turtle torn away from it’s shell.