Video…How To Beat The Rap When You’ve Been Pulled!!!

VFGJR8Q5VGHJQOMP-fill640x320This man gets pulled over and shows you how to handle the police. Notice how he talks to them and keeps them off guard but handles himself with respect and within the law.

A Sheriff’s officer forces over a private investigator who was investigating a girl. She had called the police and told them he was stalking her. So the police pulled him for stalking her. He said that he was tailing her as an investigator. The girl in question has been the topic of many investigations and has had constant issues with different investigators, creating false claims to urge the police to harass them.

Watch the video to examine how the investigator handles the police during this traffic stop. he’s calm and sticks to his guns that he won’t answer questions, and he needs them to articulate the crime they are accusing him of committing (a demand for police to wrongfully detain someone). The police cannot try this, therefore he remains silent. As a result, the police cannot make the stop last any longer. This can be a awfully smart maneuver for coping with police. They were able to get nothing on the investigator as a result. The allegations were false, therefore there was no affordable suspicion and thus no need for him to continue yielding with their orders

What is extremely fascinating is that the initial officer leaves once different officers arrive on the scene. So no one is aware of what at first happened. He does a awfully smart job of reining himself in, in my opinion. one thing most are incapable of doing.

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Good job, Mike, and many thanks for providing a video record of a way to handle a traffic stop. i feel there ar lessons to be learned from this video. Always film the police, and remember, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights!”

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