(Video) “Hey White Boy! What Are You Doing Around Here?” Are The Last Words He Heard!


A 23-year-old, Graham Patton, has both eyes blacked out, his nose swollen and bandages all over his face following an attack in South Memphis.  “I mean he doesn’t even look like the same person at all,” Neysa Anderson, the victim’s stepsister, said.

Police said the attack happened on Tuesday, Jan. 5, at the Pendleton Pines Apartments near Pendleton and Ketchum. According to officers, Patton took a walk outside around 11 p.m. when two men he did not know came out of nowhere.

“Something along the lines of ‘hey white boy what are you doing around here? You’re not supposed to be here’ or something and that was it,” Anderson explained.  Anderson said Patton was knocked to the ground and severely beaten.

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  • singer23

    It’s only a, “Hate Crime” when Whites attack Blacks!