(Video) Haunting Figure Appears Where Mysterious Events And Unexplained Accidents Occur

Ghost Bride Caught on Camera


In the past year there’ve been 10 accidents here and drivers report mysterious events on this road.  Like sudden fog rising after they’ve lost control of their car and crashed.  Locals say a horrific accident here, many years ago, may explain the presence of this ghost.

In 1989 a wedding party, on their way to a park to celebrate, smashed their car into a lorry on the bend.  The groom survived, the bride did not.  And that’s most likely the reason Karina Dmitieva, from Moscow, caught this apparition wearing a wedding gown and veil, with her dashcam.

A paranormal investigator says there’ve been many sightings of the ghost bride here and that two years ago a photo had been taken ‘of a barely visible silhouette of a young woman standing on the side of the road’.  A well-known Russian psychic who went to the road said ‘it gave him a terrible feeling, as if he was lying in a grave surrounded by restless souls’.

Maybe the soul of this young bride, who tragically died on her wedding day, is waiting for groom?


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