(Video) Graphic!! Brutal Poker Fight Beat Down Gives New Meaning To “Bad Beat”!!


So the story on this video is that guy #1, who’s doing the beating, is a regular at the casino’s poker tables and has always been quiet and mature.  While he looks like the bad guy here, he’s reportedly never started confrontations before.  The guy receiving the beating (guy #2) was loud, annoying, drunk (big surprise, right?) and attacked guy #1.

So these two were in an ongoing argument with each other throughout the night at the poker tables.  This went on for awhile until guy #2 loses a hand, gets out of his chair, goes over and punches guy #1 in the back of the head.  The recording starts as guy #1 responds with a total and complete beat down.

So the question is, is the beating excessive or deserved?

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