(Video) Go UPS!! This Company Will Not Give In To The Newest PC Movement!!


As more of the major airlines are buckling to perceived pressure from the international political correctness police, UPS is rising above the PC fray and will be continuing business as usual.  Since Monday, Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Air Canada have joined United and will no longer allow big game trophies, including lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo heads, to be shipped as freight on their airplanes, according to the Washington Post.  Regardless of where you stand on big game hunting and the Cecil the Lion controversy, this is another infringement on our freedoms from the lunatic lefties worldwide.

A UPS spokesman tells the Washington Post that UPS “follows U.S. and International laws, not public opinion, in determining what it will and will not ship” and goes on to say:

“There are many items shipped in international commerce that may spark controversy,” UPS public relations director Susan Rosenberg wrote in an e-mail. “The views on what is appropriate for shipment are as varied as the audiences that hold these views.

“UPS takes many factors under consideration in establishing its shipping policies, including the legality of the contents and additional procedures required to ensure compliance. We avoid making judgments on the appropriateness of the contents. All shipments must comply with all laws, including any relevant documentation from the shipper required in the origin and destination location of the shipments.”

Wonder how long this new policy will stay in effect at these airlines?  It’ll most likely be quietly rescinded when the furor dies down and the PC police move on to their next manufactured controversy.  Until then, ship a package through UPS and let them know you appreciate them protecting this freedom of choice.

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