Video…Fox News: Warning!!! September – October, Electric Grid, Solar Flare CME, CERN, NWO, Pope, UN!!!


Fox News: Judge Jeanine Pirro warns about the power grid and solar threats. Try to ignore the other highly unlikely threats which only amount to terrorist propaganda. Also contains an explanatory clip from the Discovery channel, and a follow up on the CERN LHC (Largest machine ever built) with Tom Horn.

(Before It’s News)


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  • Tom Davis

    I tried to find how to contact “gangsterforgod” to no avail? Maybe here? I wanted to ask how he/she came up this Sept. for the article on the ‘falling away”. I have had 2 unrelated account numbers with 666 in the body of them. The other numbers without much maneuvering, came up with Sept. 2015! With the Pope meeting Obama 9/22-25, may be a possible cause! Being they both have socialist ideas, might we be seeing the coming together of a “false prophet” and an “anti-Christ”? Many may fall for what they collectively say and thus fall away!