(Video) For Years This Field Was Empty Now Jade Helm Has Set Up Base Camp!


The lady who sent this footage in to the online watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond was stunned to drive by what is usually an empty field out in the middle of nowhere, north of Brady, Texas, and see an entire Army regiment setting up base camp. She went back and got the evidence on her cellphone, and now we bring it to you.

Report anything out of the ordinary that you are seeing out there. Blackhawk flyovers, overly large military convoys, especially in strange places. Message us your intel, and we’ll get it out there anonymously. Follow us on Facebook at Operation Jade Helm And Beyond by clicking on this blue sentence!

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  • Dannetta johnson

    Black hawks doing maneuvers over small airport just past Dolen off of 787 routinely in the early evenings.