Video…Explosive!!! Two Prominent Leaders On Opposite Sides of the World Have Just Boldly Declared Apocalyptic Events!!! Is God About To Shake the Nations?


All over the internet for over a year now, I keep hearing that God is about the ‘shake the nations’ or that a ‘great shaking is coming’.  What is this great shaking, and is it truly coming as soon as people think?  According to what I’ve been seeing in the news over the past few years, I would have to agree that a great shaking is indeed coming—soon!

But now, two prominent leaders have just stepped up to the plate, boldly declaring end times events.  One of these leaders, a prominent Israeli Jewish Rabbi who never makes such bold proclamations until recently, says that the ‘Messiah’ is here among us today and that he is going to make himself manifest to us very soon.

What is most unusual isn’t necessarily ‘what’ they are saying, but who is saying it and how their bold statements are supported both by recorded Bible prophecy and recent news events.

Watch the feature video below and see for yourself what they are saying, and see exactly how other prophetic events taking place strongly support each of their statements. You will taken aback—I know I was!

Two Prominent Leaders Go Public To Warn the Nations That the End Is Here!




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