(Video) Explosion Off The West Coast, Was It REALLY An American Fired Missile??


People from San Francisco to Arizona saw an explosion and strange light in the sky just after dusk on Saturday.  Ian Houser-YouTube, caught the fireball after the explosion on video and gives the following description:

At San Onofre beach in southern California. Started as a fireball coming over the ocean, reflecting off the water and showing heat distortion. Explodes at :28 and spent the next five minutes as a glowing, expanding gas cloud radiating down to the surface. It left a blue cloud in the sky for 10 minutes. No sound during the explosion. It was in the sky for a lot longer than what’s shown here.

Update: news is saying this was from Point Mugu, which isn’t possible. This originated miles off the west coast over the ocean and traveled upward and inland. It did explode over the coast near Mugu, so if anything Mugu shot it down. This video starts facing south west oriented to San Clemente island and by the time of explosion I was facing north west.

Reports this morning say the fireball was an unarmed Trident missile test-fire by the Navy.  It was fired from an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine in the Pacific Test Range.

You’d think with Russia and China lurking around our borders, the military could’ve told people living in these areas about it before the launch.  Makes you wonder if it was, in fact, a U.S. fired missile?

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