Video…Everybody Died in Two Days When They Turned on the Antennas!!!


Leuren Moret is a very smart woman and she just blew my mind in this video!   This is a MUST see and SHARE.  The entire video is excellent but go to the 55 minute mark for the mind-blowing stuff about electronic warfare!

I believe the demons running this planet have the weapons described in this video.  I know the smart meters and our phones are weapons and I know if it’s evil, the new world order is a part of it!  We should not fear though as fear serves satan.  Trust in God and pray against the enemy every day!  Pray that the evil ones in our government get caught and punished.  Pray people wake up.  As a Christian you have the power and authority over all demonic forces but you must pray for protection and ask God what you need in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God!

Do not fear!  Instead, resolve to spread the truth to as many as you can on this planet!  When you meet somebody new, send them to a website that will wake them up!  Tell them the news is fake and both parties are working for the bankers that run the private Federal Reserve scam system!

If enough of the good people still left in the government and our intelligence services know about these weapons, we have a chance to stop it. Never stop spreading the truth and always  keep thinking of inventive ways to wake up others!   I show you this type of information to let you know this isn’t a game – it’s very real.  We battle against the forces of satan so get right with God and pray every day for guidance and wisdom.  Ultimately God is our only hope!

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At the 55 minute mark, Lauren Moret talks about the Frequency Weapons used to kill in Rwanda and how they plan to use this in the US next!  Pray against the enemy using these weapons!

Lauren said the Russian Mafia was involved in the killing of all the white colonials in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide operation in Rwanda.  Here are some highlights from this incredible video.

A mind controlled solider was sent to Rwanda by the Russian Oligarchy and instructed to kill all the colonials and steal everything!  They turned on special antennas that are being installed in the US right now and within 2 days every white person was dead!  There were mothers killing their own babies and husbands.  It was just like the scene in the movie, “The Kingsmen” where a rich guy gives everybody on the planet a cell phone.  Those cell phones are used to put out special frequencies that drive everybody insane!  They start killing each other!  You can see it in this preview below.

The Kingsman Secret Service film showed Electromagnetic weapons being used through cell phones on Earth’s population driving them into a killing rage just as Leuren is describes as being used in Rwanda to kill all the whites and steal everything they had!  

Leuren goes on to discuss the following

The black genocide between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes was used as a cover for elite kill teams to assassinate all the white colonials in Rwanda.  They looted all their money, gold and jewelry and loaded their cars on boats and sold them in Europe!

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We are being depopulated by Fukushima radiation, chemtrails and vaccines

4 mini nukes were used on China.  Some were used in Ukraine, Libya and Yemen

They are killing many of the animals in Australia and New Zealand so nobody can live off the land!

Truth about Putin and Russia giving instructions to the US on how to control the population.

Castro is an Italian Duke

They killed JFK Jr with a bomb in his plane and sent Caroline Kennedy to Japan as an ambassador to kill her with radiation!

Germany’s Merkel bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslims into German and forcing others to take them to cause eventual wars in those countries.  They will use these special antennas to drive everybody into a rage to fight each others.

Microsoft Iridium satellites are used to attack the people!

Electronic anti riot systems are already being used in sports stadiums!

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