(Video) Donald Trump’s Four-Word Answer To CBS Anchor When Asked Why He’s So “Thin Skinned”!!!


It’s no secret that the press has been after Trump in a HUGE way. No matter what candidate you’re for, the way Trump’s been treated while other candidates have been promoted is disturbing. The main stream media has been blatantly promoting Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio. The one-sided bashing of Trump proves that the elitist media and elitist Washington politicos can’t stand that an outsider has the lead. Here’s a clip from the 60 Minutes interview with Trump where he’s asked about being “thin skinned”. As usual, Trump doesn’t skip a beat and tells the truth. Even if you don’t care for Trump, he’s certainly refreshing in that he gives no canned answers like the professional politicians.

By 100% FED Up



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  • Peter J Lausen

    Yes and look at the pussies they control like Bush and Rubio and Paul…Weakness we do not need in our country today….We are being invaded by everyone that wants to kill us or take what we have worked hard for years to get….Wise up Americans…Trump 2016….