(Video) Cowardly Bus Driver Attacks Child, Gets A Ride To Jail!!



Everybody has a bad day once in a while and school bus drivers probably have more than most people but this guy made an extremely bad decision when he attacked a kid on his bus.

Robert Scarbrough, the school bus driver, is in jail with charges of assault causing injury and child endangerment after a special needs student on his bus didn’t follow his directions on where to sit and then told him to “shut up”.  Johnston stopped the bus, pulled the student out of his seat, hit him in the head and pushed him onto the floor.  Reports say the child was treated at the scene in an ambulance and was not taken to a hospital, thankfully.

A school district spokesperson said the driver is on administrative leave (of course) as the incident is reviewed.  Any guesses on how many lawsuits will be filed?

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  • Most likely the kid was asking for it, being a little turd, because they were never disciplined at home and never taught how to act in public or have respect for adults. So sick of these Leftist Cowards whining about these poor victims! If the parents would raise them right, these kinds of things would not happen! I have four daughters and ten grandkids that I am with almost daily! Praise Jesus, they were all raised correctly and will never be caught in anything like this! Parents just don’t want to take any responsibility today!