Video…Cop Pulls His Gun On Man For Taking His Picture!!!



A California cop pulls his gun on an unarmed man with a camera just for taking his picture.  Don McComas was standing in his driveway hooking his boat up to his truck when a local police officer noticed him. The officer was driving very slowly but then parks and gets out and starts recording Mr.McComas with his phone. He then pulls his gun on the home owner. McComas questions the officer why he got out of the vehicle and was told, “because you were taking my picture.”

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After the ordeal was over the officer told McComas to go ahead and post the video to YouTube. The officer said  “Are you some kind of a constitutionalist? Crazy guy or something like that?”




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  • Carla Cox

    really, are you some kind of cinstitutionist? WTF? This is America where our constitution IS THE LAW OF THE LAND! THE COP NEEDS A REALITY INJECTION!!!!

  • John Haws

    Hell yes I’m a constitutionalist. I am an American and I consider the Constitution to be the foundation of the country. What is your problem are you not? I tell you all I try to support the police but this kind of shit is hard to swallow. What a power happy son of a bitch.

  • Cayla123

    Hell as a retired Montreal Police officer I would never ever take out my revolver for something as stupid as this. All he had to do was to keep on driving…

  • robert l cave jr.

    ok…i just want to say that calling the officer a “pig” may not be polite but as our constitution says, it is not illegal as we have the right to express our opinions out loud, however it does not condone the use of firearms by authority figures just because a citizen took your picture. This was an attempt to intimidate this person.Did it work? I cant say as i was not present at the time of the incident. It was however very unprofessional.

  • Frank – Vietnam Vet

    When this cop pulled out his gun – the question of safety to all that are near come to light . This cop did not have safety or peoples rights in mind . But when the cop asked if he was a Constutionalist this confirmed the cop has no respect for human life – peoples Constitutional rights nor doing his job in the manner he was hired for .This cop is the example of why police dept. should clean their own house and take out the trash.