(Video) China Reacts To USS Lassen Being In Their Maritime Domain!!


The warship, USS Lassen, passed within 12 miles of one of Beijing’s created, militarized islands in the south China Sea last week causing China to react “more harshly than expected”.

Which means the Commander of their Army Navy called the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations and warned him of dire consequences because the U.S. warship was conducting freedom of navigation operations in waters that China thinks belong to them.

The U.S. was basically performing a show of force and a show of support for our allies in the region.  And sending a big “f*#k you” to China.

I’m guessing Obama knew nothing about this since he’s never allowed America to show much force in anything.

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  • Ben Talmadge

    sure right he didnt know anything what a load of crap