(Video) Chicago’s Liberal Run Homan Square, Gitmo Or Fema Camp??



Gitmo or fema camp?  Hard to tell since people are just “disappearing”.  Should we really believe that all who are taken here are criminals?  Either way, it’s liberal hypocrisy at it’s highest level.  And how much longer can the MSM keep this buried?

The president’s adopted hometown, run by his former chief of staff in a blue city in a blue state, ruled by the party that is loudest and first to scream “black lives matter,” is allegedly running its own Guantanamo Bay, where the civil liberties and legal rights of thousands of African Americans have literally been stripped away. Those apprehended simply “disappear” for periods of time. 

Practically no attorneys are allowed inside, no formal booking takes place, no record keeping is maintained, and no due process exists at all for the more than 7,000 Chicago residents reportedly taken to the “interrogation warehouse” dubbed Homan Square. 

It is something that reads more like a work of fiction — one that would ostensibly paint those running the “private Gitmo” as white, racist conservatives gunning for poor, African Americans. Yet the atrocities at the unmarked interrogation warehouse are reportedly occurring right in President Obama’s home-city run by his former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel.

An ongoing investigative report and civil lawsuit filed by the British outlet The Guardian, reveals that Chicago police “disappeared” thousands of the city’s black residents in a clearly unlawful fashion. The reports document in detail the extent of the human rights abuses allegedly taking place at Homan Square – a place attorneys call “something out of a Bond movie.”  

One attorney told the Guardian that those living in Chicago’s most crime-addled neighborhood where Homan Square is situated know the true purpose of this “near-paramilitary wing of the government,” equipped with “floodlights, cameras, razor-wire.” 

What’s more, most of the Homan Square arrests have taken place in the five years since Rahm Emanuel took office as the city’s mayor.

Source-Tiffany Gabbay, Truth Revolt

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