(Video) Brittney Spears Is Having Nothing To Do With Media’s Glorification Of Obesity


As mainstream media continues to blow the victory horns for disgustingly obese women in America, pop-icon Brittany Spears is choosing to have nothing to do with it. Instead of ballooning up after having babies, and waving the victim’s flag of motherhood, she chooses to work out even more intensely than she did in her youth, to stay trim and sexy and not buy into the victim mindset which has sadly swept most of modern American culture.

Perhaps the biggest danger mainstream media throws into society by glorifying extreme obesity is the massive amount of health issues so many Americans will face in the future. It’s not just about how you look, it’s also about being healthy, and being obese simply is not healthy.

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  • No fan of her music but she is looking fine, better than ever before! One beautiful Lady!