Video…Boom: Trump Nails Obama, Says Who He’s Really Angry About… And It’s Not ISIS!!! Outrage At Obama Spreading Fast


BOOM: Trump NAILS Obama, Says Who He’s Really Angry About… And It’s Not ISIS

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump got straight to the point about who he thought President Barack Obama has an issue with regarding the Paris attacks — and it isn’t the terrorists.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Hannity” show Tuesday about Obama’s news conference in Turkey earlier that day, Trump said Obama has a problem with the reporters asking the questions.

Trump accused Obama of being “angry at reporters and I think some of the Republicans” instead of who’s really to blame for the carnage.

“I watched that disastrous news conference yesterday. It was insulting. He wasn’t angry at the killers, the murderers, the animals that did this horrible thing. He was angry at reporters, and I think some of the Republicans, frankly,” he said.

Trump described how he thought Obama was not made to be president.

He said, “I mean, personally, I don’t think he was meant for this job, you want to know the truth. The temperament is wrong.”

Trump also said Obama’s behavior at the conference was “an embarrassment to the country.”

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At 2:00. Trump: “He was angry at reporters.”

Trump isn’t alone on this issue. Many agree with Trump that Obama is wrong for the country and this speech was more evidence of that. Obama gets mad when people disagree with him and acts like a bully when he doesn’t get his way. Obama gets especially offended when people oppose him — particularly when those people are Republicans.

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However, Obama provides ample opportunities to question him when he refuses to listen to the American people. His latest move to allow thousands of Syrian refugees to enter the countrydespite the fact that some of them could possibly be Islamic terrorists is just one in a long line of issues that concern Americans.

It’s not a stretch of any kind to say that Obama took issue with those asking questions to which Americans deserve the answers. Trump hit a home run with this assessment of the president, and Americans know it.

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