VIDEO BOOM: This THUG Picked On The Wrong Man’s Wife!!! Turns Out He Knows How To Use A Bottle!!!



Oh, this is beyond excellent! This black dude thought he could do whatever the hell he wanted because… well, slavery and all that crap. Well bro, you just got taught a lesson in how NOT to behave in a civilized world. And NEVER disrespect our great women! I’ll call this- ONE AND DONE! EPIC!



  • aguy62 .

    looks staged,,,real beer bottles ive seen wont break like that,,they do alot more damage than that..but idk im no expert!

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      its was about empty and the lid off..been there done that ..they break every time. Just sayin’ have experience.

      • wiseryet

        Nah! It was fake. Pieces of glass were tiny.

        No bad guy sets up the scene with the perfect insult like that; it’s cheap stage show.

  • Jeffrey R. Jean

    Beer bottles break when the lid is off and they have some liquid in them. Empty and full ones with lid usually just bounce off.

  • reichmarshall

    awwww did iddums get hurt????? poor asshole

    • wiseryet

      MOSE-LYG-LAY. . .

  • MILAN68

    negro you got knocked the phuckout

  • Vince Kelly


  • david of tampa

    There was a brawl in a bar I was in. After a fair fight with one guy whom I knocked out his friend jumped me from behind and got me on the ground and was sitting on me choking me. I passed out for a second, and when I came to he was still chocking me. I picked up a long neck bottle that was rolling on the floor broke it over his head….he continued to choke me. So I started to twist what was left of the bottle into the side of his head. Until a bartender hit him with a mag light he continued to choke me. The mag light did the trick. I washed his blood off of me, then went home showered and returned to the bar. The place had been cleaned up, and the bartender told me that there was an ear in the neck of that bottle.

  • Joe

    should have used just his fist. Its assault with a weapon!

    • AirFrank

      fists are weapons too

    • wiseryet

      It’s assault to spit.

      Even in self-defense, we have to know exactly what we can do, and have witnesses or a video to back us up.

  • Wyldcrafter

    Sure looked like Hollywood fight to me. The beer bottle shattered like a prop.

    • Bobby Bannar

      Nah. The bottle just hit a hard head. Too bad some of the beer was wasted.

  • Warren Gacsi

    Nice to see a blathering monkey put into zzz-land.

  • Dan

    It’s fake.Look them up.It’s a comedy troupe from the UK named Trollstation.They are on youtube and facebook.They do these social experiments all the time.

  • Steve Black

    This is so damn staged it is pathetic. A very bad acting job at that.


    Definitely a prop bottle….

  • peaches and wine

    Good! Glad to see a husband stand up for his wife to a big fat black racist trouble-making BULLY!

  • stupid thug tryin to intimidate a man, POS obama thug got what he deserved

  • nestor hernandez

    That was awesome