Awesome! This judge says what everyone else is thinking – stop the bullish*t!
When a race-baiting lawyer tried to justify his client’s criminal behavior by dredging up the recent controversies over police and black criminals, a judge stopped him cold to deliver an epic smackdown right in the courtroom.

A public defender in Broward County, Florida known for working with the “Black Lives Matter” movement and Trayvon Martin’s attorneys tried to excuse a 26-year-old burglary suspect, Stephen Hall Clarke, for running from the scene of a police-related shooting on Monday. As his defense, he said that the suspect was running from racist cops.

“Your Honor, in light of what’s happening in this country, with unarmed black men being killed…” public defender Dale Miller began to argue before the judge quickly cut him off.

Judge John “Jay” Hurley would have NONE of it…

by  100% FED Up


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  • Jon Cormier

    Id have to say that #Black lives matter started the racist bullshit killing cops and threatening white lives.. did black really think we will just sit on our asses and not protect ourselves?

    • MZAZ86442i

      NO, the liar in chief and Holder is what started this phony black lives matter. When the administration sends members of the administration to the funerals of THUGS and say chit about cops, then NOTHING about cops being murdered by blacks. If black lives matter so much, WHY AREN’T THEY in Chicago, Detroit and other places where BLACKS KILL BLACKS EVERY DA???. Where was the administration when an innocent little 9 year old child was murdered by a shot fired into her house while she sat on her moms bed doing her homework??? ALL LIVES MATTER,


    Judge is a badass and knows BS when he hears it!

  • Goodforall

    Wow, this judge was not putting up with this nonsense one bit! Good for him. I’m so sick of these black thug criminals playing the race card, even if it’d done through their white lawyer. Shame on him!

  • Mary Cowher


  • Phylsingleton Phylsingleton

    Guess what, dont indulge in criminal behavior, and you dont have to worry about arrested. Act like a damn animal and face the consequences and if one of those consequences is your death to bad.

  • Clive Smith

    top judge !

  • Meat Eater

    If it was my dock he was under he might well be feeding the gators

  • Darren Wilkens

    Just sentence all blm thugs to instant death. To hell with them. ALL lives matter…not just black! Racist pos’s

  • ConservativeMe

    BLM supporters supporters should step outside of America and see what freedom really is and try learning their own history because their protesting of slavery no one today experienced, the racist “white privilege” rhetoric and the false black oppression (AS a black man resides as America’s President ) is ALL FALSE weak ,uneducated , victim mentality as they destroy cities and lives & maybe learn their own history before spewing their uneducated & racist hate..


    1) black slavery originated when Africa’s own kings found profit in selling their own people to Europeans and muslims

    2) EVERYONE have been slaves throughout history not only blacks but whites (IRISH INCLUDED), Asians, Christians, Jews ( who btw had it WORSE than anyone during the nazi regime yet still thrive as a people and not blame people who had nothing to do with it)

    3) NO ONE today and for a very long time in AMERICA has been a black slave or owned one so they make themselves slaves to their own weak minds.

    4) Black slavery is STILL HAPPENING in Africa…

    5) the very first American to own a slave was, wait for it,…… A BLACK MAN

    6) The US is the first and only country to fight a war to END slavery within its borders. Millions of WHITE Americans gave their lives for the freedom and dignity of blacks but THIS fact seems to have been forgotten or just doesn’t fit into their racist agenda….

    7) There were black freemen that owned WHITE slaves in America so I could accuse any black of owning MY great grandfather if I chose to also but in good conscience I cannot blame people for something they never did …

    8) As shameful as black slavery was the white Irish slavery outnumbered black slavery considerably.

    9) The Chickasaw indians were the LAST in America to free their slaves, LONG after the passage of the 13th Amendment.

    10) Hundred of thousands of blacks are STILL slaves in many muslim countries.

    11) Blacks owned white and black slaves too so ENOUGH with the racist “white privilege” and “victim” mentality, please. Slavery is still happening to women TODAY in Islam but no one is talking about that.. it’s all about PERSONAL CHOICE, PERIOD

  • Bruce Grieves

    white mans burden

  • Kathleen Brannigan Carter

    Wish there were more judges like him

  • Tee bartim

    BLM is nothing more than domestic terrorists.If Trump gets in he has congress to pass a domestic terrorist act,put these BLM thugs in prison for life.Robbing,looting,burning down busness’ is nothing but welfare thugs.GIVE THEM A LIFE SENTENCE,Watch the crap stop.Also killing our cops!