(Video) Black Woman Hassles White Guy Over His Hairstyle, “It’s My Culture” But What She Does At The End Is Pure Evil



What this woman does to this young man, who has a lot of self-control, is nauseating.  She’s been studying the Black Lives Matter handbook but fortunately, her antagonistic behavior doesn’t work, even when she starts grabbing him and doesn’t let him walk away.

This takes place in San Francisco, big shocker right?  The woman starts harassing the guy for wearing dreadlocks, telling him it isn’t culturally appropriate, their from her culture.  Then, when he tries to walk away and end the ridiculous conversation, she physically tries to restrain him.  At the end, she’s telling HIM to not put his hands on HER and she is not happy when she realizes the altercation was being filmed.

She’ll be famous soon.

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