Video…Black Trump Supporter Goes off Outside Rally, Says “Obama has Failed us,”!!!


Whether you support GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump or not, he’s clearly tapped into the frustration felt by the average American at having to deal with President Obama’s liberal lunacy for the last six years, and it’s a strategy that’s paying off for the guy big time.

Trump recently held a rally in Norcross, Georgia over the weekend that pulled in an estimated 10,000 people, which is quite impressive.

But that’s not what’s making the news.

One black man at the rally supporting Trump — who previously voted for Obama twice — has apparently had it up to his ears with the president and his poor record in the White House, which is why a video showing the guy’s impassioned rant is making its way across the Internet.

Take a look at this and see what you think of what he has to say.

Clearly folks — even those who once identified as Democrat — are starting to wake up to the reality of the crap storm that is the current state of America, and they’re truly ready for something different. For real change.

Is Donald Trump the answer the country is looking for? I have no idea.

What I do know is the last thing we need is another four years of liberal idiocy in the White House, so we better make sure to pick the right person to go toe-to-toe next year with whoever the Democrats put in the battle for the Oval Office.




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