(Video) Who Benefits Most By The Death Of Scalia?? Was There A Motive??


It was probably the first thought that crossed the minds of millions of Americans when the news broke that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had died last Saturday, “Someone had him murdered”.  And now a few patriots have started doing some research and are gathering information.

The main questions being asked are who would benefit from his death and who had the motive.  The answer to both those questions is Hussein Obama and those leading our country to socialism and the NWO.  Obama now has the power, under the direction of the establishment elites, to choose our next Supreme Court Justice and it’s hardly likely the RINOs, being led by the traitors Ryan and McConnell, in Congress will even try to stop him.

It’s also worth mentioning Scalia was very vocal  in his opposition to Hussein’s immigration policies.  What makes Scalia’s death even more suspicious is the news that no autopsy will be performed.  It’s hard to believe his family wouldn’t want an autopsy, isn’t it?

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