(Video) Are The Obamas A Fake CIA Family??!!



Could this possibly be true? It would explain so much, wouldn’t it?  We know B.O. uses a fake birth certificate and a social security number from a state he never lived in.  There are several names he’s used over the years (that we know about) and grew up in Indonesia.  Questions continue about his real father, his foreign student status and the fact he has never, ever been qualified to be POTUS.  Plus, the very obvious, he hates America and is a Muslim makes the answer a very possible “Yes”.

And the CIA can just “vanish” him when the NWO and elites achieve their desired results.


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  • Melvin E. Holliday

    What is there to comment on? this is old news. I been saying the same thing for nearly 7 years now.

  • Not one bit of “Americanism” within that Kenyan Muslim Queen, Hussein, at all! And Mikey, his tranny is an American but filth! The girls are adopted. Why do you you think the Fecal Maggot keeps his Records SEALED! He is a fake as Caitlyn Jenner, the Pervert!