(Video) Are Cell Phone Related Deaths Increasing?? Please Be Cautious People!!


Are cell phone related deaths increasing?  They sure seem to be.  And we’re not talking about deaths from texting while driving or brain cancer due to radiation.  These people are either just really bad at making decisions or are actually willing to die for their cell phones.

Yesterday evening in Sandusky, Ohio, a man was hit and killed by a roller coaster in the Cedar Point Amusement Park, according to Buzzfeed.  The man lost his phone during the course of his ride on the coaster, then thought it’d be a good idea to jump a fence into a restricted area under the roller coaster to look for it.  While the roller coaster was in operation.  Apparently this thrill seeker was still on an adrenalin rush from his ride and overestimated his abilities.


A Kansas City, Missouri man was also killed yesterday while trying to retrieve a cell phone from Highway 17 in Kansas City, according to Fox4kc.com.  Five people were in a car driving on the highway around 10:00p.m. and realized a phone had been left on the roof of the car.  They pulled over and to get the phone when one person was hit and killed.

Is this modern day Darwinism at work?



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