Video…The Earth Is Flat!!! Antarctica Is The Outer Edge Of The Flat Earth And Here Is Proof!!!

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A response video to Tiger Dan. Dan felt the need to call other researchers “stupid and liars” because he stated that none of us had done the basic research about and around Antarctica. The truth is that many of us have spent considerable time on this subject and it was in fact, Tiger Dan who has done not just little research on Antarctica but none. So, if he himself had done no research on it, what gives him the right to call others “stupid” and to claim that 90% of other FE researchers who are told about a problem with their model, ignore the problem and lie to their viewers. I felt that Dan owes all of us an apology and so I put some of my Antarctic research into a video to show Tiger Dan that Antarctica is not a continent and is in fact the outer edge of the flat earth. To say that this is “utter foolishness” simply because “the news goes there and people build shacks there” is a sign of poor research and nothing more. Judge not…

by jeranism

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