(Video) Americans Being Dragged To FEMA Camps And Fitted With RFID Chips!


They always start with the easy targets, just as anyone who harvests anything (and that’s actually a pretty good analogy) starts with the low hanging fruit.

We did not speak up when this was going on- and it still is going on- so who will speak up when they come for us?

Report anything out of the ordinary that you are seeing out there. Blackhawk flyovers, overly large military convoys, especially in strange places. Message us your intel, and we’ll get it out there anonymously. Follow us on Facebook at Operation Jade Helm And Beyond by clicking on this blue sentence!

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  • CA Loser

    Here is a theory well actually I had a dream.
    You use the media to create this fear of the police. If you get radicals to start trying to kill police and burn down their cities then when they protect themselves, they, the police, end up on trial for doing there jobs what will you create? You will create hatred for the police by the people and in order to not be charged with murder you will have the police doing whatever you want them to do. With the threat of being prosecuted gone the police will follow orders from the government even if they know what they are doing is wrong. When we protest, martial law will be the next step taken. The police will be given a free pass along with their families as long as they don’t buck the system. Far fetched, right?
    Think about it. The dream seamed so real, I hope it was just a dream and not a vision..

  • CA Loser

    We are not the enemy, the police are not the enemy. The elitist elected officials and CEOs and corporations are. We need to stand up and crush this new form of government that does not follow the constitution.

    • Mary Jo

      And you are sticking your head in the sand. You will end up like th Jews in Nazi Germany.

  • Mary Jo

    For God’s sake, tell everyone you know to resist! If we don’t stand up for our rights, it is all over. If you don’t believe what the government is planning then you are dumb as dirt!

  • Curtis Reynolds

    “…judge the prophets against the word of God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

    First of all the mark of the beast is NOT a stupid RFID chip. This is bullshit. No where, no how, can you make an RFID equal “his name or the number of his name and that number is 600 and 60 and 6.” The mark of the beast is bismillah, “in the name of Allah”. Yes jade helm is either actual martial law or b preparation for it. But this bit about RFID chips in the right hand is bullshit.