Video… Alien Woman On Mars Caught On NASA Film!!!


In the video you will see a woman standing on Mars watching the NASA  Mars Curiosity rover moving across the surface. There is also what looks to be a house or structure that she may be living in. NASA Pictures are very intriguing to UFO hunters and fans of Mars.

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  • Festus6490

    …about 2 more steps and she will be doing a double jack knife dive into the rocks below!!!

  • Dave Stanley

    Why call her an alien? If, in fact, she DOES live there, she’s not the alien, we are…

    • Mark Williams

      But did she get there legally? lol

  • I Troll Libtards

    Obama will find a way to tax her.

    • Mark Williams

      OMG I laughed so hard that was too funny

  • Karm11014

    SOME people will believe anything!

  • Dr. Paul

    If you look very, very carefully you can see where NASA airbrushed out the Trump sign stating “Make Mars Great Again!”